Discover Why the Public Internet May Not Be Best For Mission-Critical Applications

Over the past 15 years or more, businesses have experienced the trend of driving operational computing and communications down. The trend has been do more with less $. The recent drop in Computer hardware pricing over the past 5 years has fueled this reduction even further. Now every business can have an enterprise quality computing environment and telecommunications solution that is better than what most Fortune 100 companies ran their business on 10 years ago for a fraction of the investment. In addition to this with the proliferation of high speed internet at extremely low monthly fees the attraction of utilizing the internet to run business application over the internet has been huge. This has further fueled the cost savings for organizations around the globe.

Today the internet is relied on for every type of business transaction that you can think of through to credit processing between businesses and banking institutions. Yes the internet is an infrastructure that hold the veritable panacea of applications for one low price per month. I can run Virtual Private Network (VPNs) over the internet. I can run my corporate web site on the internet or access my CRM (Customer Relations Management) application. Backup is possible over the net for my mission critical sensitive data to offsite vaults to protect my business. My email communications, fax communications, voice communications and video communications are all running over the public internet. Post and courier services no longer carry messages and data to remote locations when we can simply transfer gigabytes of data across the public internet.

Security not withstanding the internet is a pretty cool place to do just about what ever you want. The advent of social networking has moved the interaction of people around the globe into a real live online community. So the internet is a medium for sharing rich and expansive media around the world 7x24x265. This all for one low monthly fee. In fact if we subscribe to Skype we can computer to computer call anyone in the world for free.

So where is the challenge to deploying mission critical applications over the internet at large? Well one of the areas is if that application has real time, time sensitive data like voice and video you will soon learn that not all internet connections are created equally. I am not just talking about different types of internet connections, but the same type of internet connections at different locations. This is due to the difference in infrastructure (The age of the cable in the ground). Organizations that widely deploy mission critical applications over the internet must take into consideration the variance in the quality of the internet connections at various locations and with various carriers.

Voice cannot experience packet loss or dropped connections. Whereas Web browsing, email, CRM, file transfer and backup applications can rely on an unreliable internet connection as long as the connection is mostly stable. The key to understand is that if the internet drops the connections even if it is for 2 seconds all of your time sensitive communications could be dropped. Time sensitive applications include telephone call and web conferencing. So when deploying these types of services broadly it is important to have in your plan a contingency plan that says we may need to try different service providers and different technologies for our internet last mile as we deploy our solution out to the field. It may also be important to move some of these applications back to point-to-point connections to ensure the high quality of these services.

Not every internet connection is created equally, even from the same provider. Cost savings in one area, may need to be re-invested in to new areas to allow the organization to do more with less but with multiple options for our security and access.

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The Leading Internet Home Based Business

Computers and high-speed internet access means new, better-paying choices for people who want the flexibility and convenience of careers that don’t require an office-building cubicle.

Therefore, many are looking for the leading internet home based business opportunity. Internet marketing is a home-based opportunity in which the owner promotes websites and products available on the internet.

Marketing of your internet home based business does not involve trying to convince a prospect to buy a product as selling does. Instead it builds the relationship first with a prospect. Marketing finds out the needs and supplies a product to fill that need.

Marketing on the internet also means gradually leading a prospect slowly through a series of follow up auto-responder emails designed towards building a relationship with him while mildly advertising a product to him.

The problem with internet home based business owners is that they do not know how to market their businesses, their products or services. So the successful internet home based business owner will have learned to market on the internet.

This takes time, study and research. So consider that marketing is the process of promoting business with the potential to earn real money while having fun doing it.

Leading internet home based businesses include sites that facilitate interaction between individuals through commenting, blogging, posting, instant messaging, and good content.

Search engines are the life blood of internet home based businesses. Anyone involved in an internet home based business will soon come to recognize the importance of search engines as a vehicle to attract potential customers.

People search for the best way to make money; or how to start a business, how to start a home business or how to find a product or service. All of these searches are accessed on the various search engines like Google, Yahoo! MSN and others.

Following are the top internet home based businesses that I have researched:

— Business writing is one of the top home based businesses for writers and it can be extremely lucrative. Many of these businesses are based out of an owner’s home and leading internet home based businesses contribute more than $530 billion to the U.S.

— Business Alliance Consultants enjoy tremendous income potential, earning up to $25,000 for a single transaction.

— Online adult dating sites are a very effective way of hooking up with other consensual adults for “adult” activities.

— Online shopping increasingly becomes the norm as online providers trip over themselves to offer you that unique shopping experience.

— Online research companies obviously play a big role in generating results from the online survey site. Online research companies are becoming more important to big business than ever as the world expands through the internet.

— Starting a survey home business requires minimum effort and the pay is increased as the number of completed surveys increase.

— Starting a home business selling crafts with tips, tactics and resources is a viable option.

— Start a leading internet home based business repairing dents and scratches, scuffed bumpers, leather damage, windshields, aluminum wheels and polishing cars. Start up businesses have become a growing trend among America’s workforce.

— Companies are always looking for writers to create brochures, annual reports, sales letters, direct mail pieces, instruction manuals and more.

— Affiliate Marketing requires you to register with an Affiliate website to sell their products through your website or newsletter.

Successful network marketers of our time use internet marketing technology to create a huge success for themselves. A successful marketing strategy is not based on doing what you like but liking what you do.

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